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Category: Montessori schools in nairobi fees

Montessori schools in nairobi fees

To be the best and most preferred school that provides transformative and international education with excellence and care. To mentor every child with an aim of unlocking their creative and academic potential to the fullest: producing well-rounded, world-class leaders. We aim at unlocking the students creative and academic potential to the fullest through Practical training, nurturing of gifts and skill development.

We seek to develop the leader within your child. We seek to better our educational standards by investing in transformative knowledge and cutting edge educational technology as we prepare our children for the future.

We seek to nurture and inculcate a culture of integrity and honesty to secure the future of our children. Through interactive learning skills and techniques, we are raising leaders who are continuous learners in life.

We offer 3 healthy meals to our pupils every day: Mid-morning snack, Lunch and Late afternoon snack. These classes are available at an affordable fee of KES per term, to the year olds; Apple and Cherry Classes. Currently, we offer Playground, Kindergarten and Junior school classes. Special care is at the heart of our operations putting in mind that these are the formative years of a child.

We have also created a warm and fun-learning environment that inspires children to learn and unlock their personal innate talents. Our school is a clean, warm, Loving and welcoming environment for all students with qualified and friendly teachers.

The school ensures the security of your child within the premises.


Contact us and confirm that space is available for the required class and book a date for the child assessment. After a successful assessment an offer of acceptance is issued to the guardian immediately together with the information sheet and the registration forms.

The guardian makes full Payment of school fees to reserve required class space in our school and purchases the required school uniform. Once the child reports to school they are placed in a class, assigned a teacher and provided with the necessary stationery. We can not tell you how much we adore and appreciate all the wonderful staff. Learning here is fun.

Teachers are approachable and very supportive. I just love this school and my son loves going to school every morning.

montessori schools in nairobi fees

His skill level is significantly better since attending Zuwena International School. Your wonderful teaching staff, good cooperation with parents and a dynamic educational system has made our daughter a top performer. Thank you for your investment in the life of our daughter. Zuwena International School ZIS is a Christian school that offers an integrated educational system that incorporates Montessori, system and the British curriculum. Currently, the school caters for children between one 1 year to nine 9 years old.

Welcome to Zuwena International School! Perfect Education. For Your Child. Friendly Atmosphere.Home Admissions Programs Infant Program 1. Welcome to Imani Montessori School Our goal is to foster individual development, self-expression, and creativity in children within a peaceful, natural, and supportive atmosphere.

Term Structure. What Parents Say…. I highly recommend Imani Montessori to all parents who are aspiring to bring up leaders. Am grateful that my daughter experienced the correct mentorship and coaching that has always remained in her while with you. Indeed, it has shaped greatness in her performance and her personality more than I could have imagined. This is a school that I highly recommend to all parents who are aspiring to bring up leaders. Well equipped with Montessori teaching infrastructure, and adequate grounds for swimming, skating and other sport.

The caring professional staff ensure that children from the diverse nationalities are lovingly attended to. The confidence instilled in both my children and mature outlook of life at such a young age is impressive!! Modern kindergarten with excellent facilities: My son was in this school. A very modern kindergarten with excellent facilities and a very quiet environment. Very warm, friendly and caring teachers.

The place you want your child to be. Give your child the best start in life! Staying Healthy: Washing Hands and Cleanliness for Kids Parents and teachers should insist on hand washing whenever a child comes from playing outside, welcoming guest, visits the toilet The role of Why Non-Compulsory Learning Methods Work Best The Montessori system employs a non-compulsory learning method which focuses on fun, play and flexibility.

It is a learning method Improving the Home Learning Environment Promoting early language development and early literacy skills is a big ambition that requires the entire society to participate if Kids will not learn unless they are motivated to learn One of the most common questions asked by parents who want to enroll their children in Imani Montessori is usually, Parents are the first and most important teachers children have in their lives.

Here areA big applause to our 12 International Bacchalaureate Diploma Programme graduates! In accordance with the regulation updates that emerged specifically for the educational field, we are delighted that we have been able to welcome the children again fulltime and for all age ranges in the last months, and will continue to do so for the school year.

International Montessori is a collection of small schools. At Montessori children and students are helped to become responsible, flexible and adaptable.

montessori schools in nairobi fees

To participate, produce and do this with a logical thinking mind. We are looking forward to a school year full of growth and development! Visit us on Instagram Here, a lovely collection of recent photos can be found. This together with nutshell explanations will delight your senses.

Please feel free to follow us montessori-school-brussels. This section provides you with an introduction of the age ranges offered, covering early childhood education, the Primary sections, and the International Baccalaureate Secondary section. Exchange is a communication platform especially made for the IB Secondary students and their family. The programme provides. Premises — all locations.

Montessori education together with the International Baccalaureate Secondary section prepares young people for life. We focus on all aspects of the personality, much is in the detail! Everything we do is to help children gain trust in themselves so that they feel confident and empowered. We hope you enjoy this website and find useful information on the details involved in assisting towards the development of a harmonious personality. The tour concludes with information on the enrolment process.

To book a tour in Tervuren and Wezembeek-Oppem please contact 63 60 montessori-tervuren online. Brochure You can view a copy of the School Brochure here or phone school at the above numbers and we are happy to forward a complete information pack. This will be reactivated if needed. All aspects of the personality are developed.

Age Groups and Exchange This section provides you with an introduction of the age ranges offered, covering early childhood education, the Primary sections, and the International Baccalaureate Secondary section.

Photo albums Take a look at some of our recent photo albums. Save the date! Last day of school all locations Posted in Coming UpEvents. Search Web Site.Do you live in Lavington or Kilimani and are struggling to find a Kindergarten fit for your little one?

The Shani School was opened by a collection of parents who were interested in starting a Kindergarten that would eventually promote family values as well as the human and spiritual development of parents, teachers and children.

The school was officially opened in September of and now has 4 campuses all accommodating classes from kindergarten up to class 7. The next lot of new kindergarten kids are expected to report to school on 11 th January ! Fee structure. Website Link.

1. The first step in the Admission process is a tour of the school.

This Christian-based kindergarten uses the Montessori method to guide their teaching and learning. More specifically, the children learn through child-centered self-discovery rather than teacher-centered. The school admits children between the ages of 2 to 6 years who are then placed in one of 4 classes, based on their age — baby class, nursery, kindergarten and pre-unit.

The earliest class begins at 8am and the last group of children end their day PM. The option of a half-day schedule is also available and ends at PM, at the latest. If needed, school lunch is can be provided or parents can opt to send their children with a packed meal. Are you unable to take your child to or from school? Logos Christian school also provides transport! Kilimani, Nairobi. Email: info logos. This kindergarten works to build the little ones that pass through their doors as holistically as possible — socially, culturally, mentally and physically.

Children between the ages of 2 to 6 years can be enrolled in the school. Days for the children run from 8am to 3pm during which children are taught everything from numeracy to personal, social and emotional development. The school also provides hot lunch and door-to-door transport, if needed! Transport fees. Email: info playstreetschool. The school admits children from ages 2 to 7 years. Using the Montessori method, the school introduces the children to foreign languages, art, computer studies and practical life skills.

montessori schools in nairobi fees

The school year runs from January to December.Deposits are charged once on joining the school but must be topped up if deductions are made for losses or breakages. Fees for all other years are billed in three tranches in August, December and April.

Home Why Braeburn?

Patmos Montessori Primary School

Fee structure. Important information about school fees Above Fees indicate costs for Tuition, Lunch, School Transport services, Boarding where applicable but do not include Enrolment or any applicable Examinations Fees. This advance payment is not refundable if confirmed places are not taken up.

Children who cannot be accommodated immediately are put on a waiting list. Fees above are in Kenya Shillings. The above fees are fully inclusive of all approved textbooks and exercise books. Early payment discount: Fees are payable on or before the first day of each term. Activity fees are charged separately and are normally accompanied by an official letter from the headteacher. A full term's notice in writing and the headteacher's acknowledgement in writing of the same is required for withdrawals else, a full term's fees are payable in lieu of such notice.

The Board of Directors reserves the right to alter the fees at five months notice.We have an international and local enrollment and are licensed with the Early Childhood Development Agency. We are a small, exclusive, boutique and centrally located pre-school offering a bespoke Montessori education with a highly experienced, committed and passionate teaching staff.

To provide for each and every child, a nurturingcaringgentlesafefun and stimulating environment for learning. Discovery is what education at Little Woods Montessori is all about.

We invite you to come and visit our school and to discover for yourself the unique quality of Montessori education here. The classroom environment is prepared with a wealth of special materials and resources designed to stimulate the curiosity and challenge the intellect of each child. Children are encouraged to find and explore the connections between the abstract and the concrete, the link between home and school and between the life of the mind and the outside world. Little Woods Montessori Pre-School is a kindergarten that offers an excellent 5-year programme giving children a solid foundation for entry into Grade 1, Year 1, or Primary 1.

Our Mission To provide for each and every child, a nurturingcaringgentlesafefun and stimulating environment for learning. Browse Our Site. Contact Us.Hi, i am looking for a good montessori school near Parklands Has anybody any idea about my school montessori on peponi road.

Pls suggest. Good morning, I believe all Montessori schools follow the same academic preparation. My grandson is attending one in Lavington, that I like very much because the amount o students in each class are small. The teachers are very nice and the environment in that small school is exactly what I was looking for when I enrolled him last year.

My advice is to spend a morning in the school and see teachers and students interaction. All the best, Elizabeth.

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Montessori schools in nairobi. Member since 24 November Member since 30 April Muthaiga, Nairobi Area.


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